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Aluminium-wood profiles

About the profiles | Application of the profiles

aludrvo1About the profiles


“Fab Live” has supplemented its offer with an exclusive high quality profile which is a combination of modern aluminium-wood materials, made by the renowned producer “Profilati”. This profile is ideal for all fans of wooden joinery, since it eliminates the lack of wood by using aluminium.

This is a profile made of wood on the interior, and of aluminium on the exterior. The profile is characterised by excellent thermal insulation, owing to its thermal break. The external side is composed of powerful waterproof aluminium profile. An important characteristic of this profile is that it requires little maintenance. The interior side is made of wood, thus providing a feeling of comfort and warmth in the residential space.


The Italian company “Profilati”, with the head seat in Settimo Milanese, has about 5,000 m² of production area. Dedication to details and following of a long tradition of Italian design make it one of the leading companies in production of equipment and components for the furniture and glass industry. Their portfolio includes profiles with decorative aluminium, brass and steel, for the industry of furniture, glass, doors, windows, shutters, construction frames etc.

Application of the profiles

Aluminium-wood profiles are an ideal solution for windows and doors in residential buildings. They can be used both for balcony doors, and for all types of windows. Also, our portfolio includes decorative profiles for glass, with exceptional elegance and fitting perfectly into the modern design concept, produced by the mentioned company “Profilati”. The wooden side of the profile can be made in several wood grains from our colour range. As for aluminium colouring, this is done by using the method of powder coating or anodizing, using the colours from our standard portfolio.

aludrvo3 aludrvo4

The innovated portfolio of “Fab Live” now contains a specific line of aluminium-wood profiles for the lift and slide systems, which is one of the fields we specialize in. This line was primarily intended for commercial buildings, for large scale structures. However, this system has later on found its way into homes, as an excellent solution when designing large glass surfaces in residential buildings.

aludrvo5 aludrvo6

A specific characteristic of these systems is improvement of the existing tilt and turn characteristics, with lift and slide opening system. In this manner, we achieve maximum thermal insulation when sliding the wing. We wish to emphasise that the mentioned system is also available in full aluminium option, without wood.

Owing to its successful cooperation with top renowned global producers, “Fab Live” has gained broad experience and trust of a large number of clients in production and installation of joinery for various types of buildings.

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