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Aluminium glass facades

About aluminium glass facades | Aluminium glass facades in portfolio |
Portfolio of the Greek company “Etem”


According to the current market trends and requests, we have decided to include a wide range of products, made primarily of aluminium, in our portfolio. We are proud of the cooperation we have realized with the Greek company “Etem”, a leader in the field of aluminium extrusion in South East Europe.

About aluminium glass facades

Modern architecture has imposed a new concept of facades with aluminium and glass as the most important elements.
In designing facades, architects are increasingly asking for minimum possible presence of aluminium profiles and more glass surfaces on facades. Owing to modern technologies, integration of aluminium and glass can be designed so that aluminium is almost invisible. This requirement of modern architecture can be met in particular through use of structural facades.
Glass facade surface, without noticeable aluminium profiles and structures, gives an appearance of a homogenous surface allowing for reflection of the colours and light of the surrounding buildings. This type of facade is simple, solid and frequently used within classical and modern architecture, both in aluminium and glass, and in inox.


Advantages of installation of glass facades are multiple, and some of those are:

  • Top protection against all weather conditions
  • Top thermal protection
  • Insulation from urban noise
  • Wide range of different types and thicknesses of glass
  • Decorative covering profiles in different colours
  • Water resistance in case of bad weather
  • Realization of large-scale energy savings for heating and cooling in buildings
  • Excellent sealing and fire resistance

Aluminium glass facades in portfolio

“Fab Live” has prepared a portfolio of all types of aluminium-glass facades for their clients, as follows:

  • Standard
  • Semi-structural
  • Structural

Standard aluminium glass facades are a system of facades with visible aluminium profiles. In this system, glass panels are clearly divided by horizontal and vertical aluminium profiles visible on the facade. The profiles are distributed in such manner that they form a net i.e. a raster with glass panels and may be produced in different sizes, so that each part is different. Windows can be opened at various axes.

Semi-structural aluminium glass facades differ from the standard ones because their aluminium holders are minimally visible. In this type of facades thin aluminium profiles-frames hold the glass, and their structure can be adapted to the client’s specific requirements. Semi-structural facades are characterised by unified appearance, regardless of the distribution of fixed and mobile parts. Window opening is possible solely outwards at the top horizontal axis (from the building).

Structural facades differ from the standard and semi-structural facades because they are a system of facades without visible aluminium profiles. Owing to modern technologies, connecting of glass and aluminium is done by using the technique of gluing glass on aluminium profiles, so that the aluminium profiles are hidden in the back. Window opening is possible solely outwards at the top horizontal axis (from the building).

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Portfolio of the Greek company “Etem”

etem We hereby present to you glass facades from the assortment of our man supplier, the oldest company in the Balkans for production of aluminium profiles, the Greek company “Etem”:


E-85 systems are the most modern facade door and window systems in the Greek market.
They are a result of two and a half years of research, integrating knowledge and characteristics of energy efficient technologies and the existing and future requirements of construction.
System design with 50 mm mullions provides full compliance with the strictest international standards and high insulation level and hydro-insulation. E85 is an integrated system which includes various product solutions and allows architects to design outside the conventional limitations. With E85 it is easy to design and construct atriums, pyramids, angular and curved structures, and other difficult forms.

Certificates issued by European laboratories, accredited according to European and American specifications, show that E85 is one of the best facade systems available in the market. Owing to their exceptional reliability, large scale contractors regard them as an ideal solution. They are used in facades of buildings, shopping malls, stations and airports, and for construction of Olympic structures, in 2004.

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