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SCHÜCO – Facade systems and joinery profiles

schuco1 “Fab Live” has the pleasure to present, for the first time in the market of Montenegro, a global leader in production of aluminium glass facades, the Austrian corporation “Alukönigstahl”, whose portfolio includes SCHÜCO facade systems and joinery profiles.

Specifics of SCHÜCO facade systems reflect in their ability to meet numerous requests in the field of statics, design and in respect of functionality. They are compatible with other Schüco systems, and therefore it is possible to install mobile parts (doors, windows) into them. The essential element which requires special attention is glass, which must meet the requirements with regard to safety and thermal protection, as well as sealing efficiency which needs to be impeccable and made of high quality materials.

SCHÜCO facade systems are characterised by excellent thermal insulation, as well as efficiency and top quality.


Modular structure contains the following components:

  • structural module
  • functional module
  • design module

These systems guarantee high reliability of design and production, as well as high flexibility with regard to design, and therefore they can meet even the most complex structural requirements.


Schüco facades FW 50+ are facade systems with large possibilities. They are suitable for all climates and are ideal solution for efficient and reliable facades. With regard to design, there are numerous options. They can also be used as fire resistant facades. Within the facades themselves, there are electrical cables which are hidden, but can be accessed easily when required. Their compatibility with many other Schüco systems classifies them among top selling facade systems in Europe.


Schüco AWS 65 are window systems, widely used in various types of structures. They are compatible with other Schüco systems. Schüco AWS 65 are window systems used both in residential buildings, and in highly demanding static elements. They have excellent insulation characteristics with installation depth of 65 mm. They are characterised by modern and luxurious design, and are available in all RAL colour range shades, as well as in spray colours and various wood grain colours. Owing to Schüco hardware these systems can support large wings. Excellent colour durability and smooth surfaces allow easy maintenance.


Schüco ADS 65 door systems are an efficient solution with very good thermal insulation characteristics. Their application is broad, and they can be integrated with the building’s safety system. By installing these systems, you achieve energy savings and create a feeling of comfort and safety. Schüco ADS 65 is a system of door profiles with interrupted thermal bridge, with basic depth of 65 mm, and various design solutions. There are several options regarding the opening system – single-wing and double-wing turn, as well as swing opening.


Schüco ASS 50 is a thermal insulated lift and slide system with a wide range of doors and a narrow frame. The basic depth of the frame opening in these profiles is 50 mm. Glass thickness is from 8 mm to 32 mm. Design of these systems is various, and they are produced in various colours from the inside and outside. They are characterised by excellent sound insulation and water resistance. They are also recommended for all types of internal space since they create large transparent openings as units dividing commercial or residential space.


Schüco ASS 70 is a lift and slide system with excellent sound and thermal insulation, as well as anti-burglar characteristics up to WK2. The system is suitable for large and luxurious buildings. The basic depth of the frame opening is 70 mm, while the external frame depth is 160 mm. It is characterised by flexibility, primarily owing to the diversity of design and colours. Glass thickness may be up to 52 mm. This system meets even the highest energy saving requirements. The sliding leafs are moved at one level, so that the door do not open outwards and inwards, which allows for better use of space.

Schüco aluminium profiles and facade systems are used in construction of the most grandiose buildings around the world (skyscrapers, European parliament buildings, the most modern sports facilities, the most demanding architectural designs).

In 2010, “Fab Live” company established cooperation with this renowned global producer, and started producing its most representative products, within facade systems, with the most modern technical equipment, in its production plants and implemented them in its largest investment venture in the history of its business – Apart Hotel “Tre Canne” in Budva.

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Owners of the residential and commercial units, as well as visitors and clients, will have the opportunity to experience and feel all the benefits and comfort in Apart Hotel “Tre Canne” that Schüco continuous facade and facade system FW50+ can provide in a modern architectural structure.

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