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Aluminium sliding systems

Tilt and slide (combi) mechanisms | Lift and slide mechanisms


Functional management and organization of space are becoming mandatory in areas with less free living space, and more limitations.

Sliding systems are a perfect solution for rooms that require light, and do not have space for classical wing opening. They are particularly good for terraces where the closing system allows for maximum use of the terrace area.
Sliding systems for windows, doors, terraces and partitions, apart from their aesthetic values, are very functional and efficient.
In its product portfolio, “Fab Live” offers several types of sliding systems, from various suppliers.
We have included sliding systems produced by “Gruppo Profilati” in our portfolio, and they can be found in the aluminium option and the exclusive option with aluminium and wood. When we were choosing our partner for cooperation in the field of sliding systems, we paid attention to top references that “Profilati” group has at global level.

Tilt and slide (combi) mechanisms

kliznisistemi2Tilt and slide or the so called combi systems are produced from classical profiles with the use of special hardware. Sliding wing can also be positioned into “tilt” position, and therefore they are recommended for smaller openings, such as in case of balcony doors. Advantages of installation of these systems are multiple:

  • excellent sealing effect
  • simple and fast handling
  • functional opening, where one wing is closed by using the sliding i.e. combi system over the other
  • large glass surface
  • high efficiency regarding the use of space

High functionality and saving of space achieved by installing these systems make them very applicable in furnishing modern residential buildings. When opening slide systems the wing gently projects outwards and slides to the side. There is also the “tilt” opening option, as well as semi-automatic and automatic opening.

Lift and slide mechanisms

kliznisistemi3 Lift and slide systems are also the right solution for rooms that require a lot of light, as well as saving space.
Lift and slide systems are also called sliding walls. They are characterised by excellent sealing, realized by using rubber.
Opening of lift and slide doors is sideways (horizontal) and is realized by using a rotating handle. When the door is open, it can be moved by using the window part. Lift and slide door are widely used in rooms that require large window opening. These systems can be made with single, double or multiple elements, whereby it is possible to overlap all wings or only one part. The weight of the wing can go up to 400 kg which is secured with appropriate hardware (6GU…..?)

One of the advantages of installing these systems is that they provide functional transition from residential or commercial buildings into the courtyard or terraces. Slide opening of large surfaces is realized by using a mechanism that requires almost no physical effort. The opening system is the following: it is necessary to rotate the handle downwards, and then the door is slightly lifted and simply pushed in the required direction.
The entire opening consists of the fixed part and the part that can be overlapped or slid over the fixed part.
Apart from the functional and efficiency characteristics, the main advantage of installing this system is the possibility of placing large glass surfaces, refreshing the space by providing a lot of light and decorating the overall appearance.

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