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Aluminium blinds



ALU blinds provide top sun protection. They ensure both sound and thermal insulation, and thereby contribute to the energy efficiency of the building. It is recommended to place them during installation of windows, although they can be installed subsequently.


They are an inevitable part of each apartment, house or office space in modern construction. They are installed with the box above or on the exterior of the window. They are not susceptible to corrosion and discolouring over time.
Blinds are made of stainless coloured aluminium profiles and are very decorative and with excellent characteristics guaranteeing their long life.
Slats for these blinds are made of aluminium, filled with polyurethane foam, with a wide colour palette, ensuring maximum thermal and sound insulation, protection of the window and colour durability. They provide high static durability and increased anti-burglar protection. Installation of these products is very simple. As most products in “Fab Live” portfolio, aluminium blinds are produced in the dimensions, shapes and colours selected by the client.
The opening mechanism for blinds may be manual – with the rope (cord), or automatic with an electric motor. Each blind has its own lifting and lowering mechanism, which can be operated through a switch on the wall or by remote control. In case of remote control, it is possible to operate several independent blinds with one remote controller.


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