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Colour joinery


Your PVC does not have to be white. The color used on PVC is extremely durable and resistant to all weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, and protected from flaking and cracking.

PVC profile with aluminum coating on the outside can be ordered in colors that suit you and your home. You can choosethe color of your choice from our palette or opt for one of the increasingly popular wood decors.

The specialty carpentry color is actually an integral part of the profile, and the benefits of this window are as follows:


Resistance – Even after years of exposure to different atmospheric conditions,the color will not change.

Maintenance – Colored joinery is dirt-repellent and cleans up easily with most ordinary cleaners.

Scratch Resistant – Woodwork in color has a smooth, silky surface without pores, which provides scratch resistance, as well as insensitivity to the layers of dust.


For those who prefer the natural appearance of the home, and want to take full advantage of modern joinery technologies, we also offer PVC windows with a wood décor. We recommend wood for the renovation of old houses or in rustic style interiors, as an element of the classic style.

The advantages of PVC with wood decor are numerous:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Natural appearance of the texture of wood
  • Variety of combinations
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