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Gas station Fab Live

benzinska1 The gas station is located on the main road route Podgorica – Petrovac operating within the parent company, under the same name. The complex includes:

A gas pump designed according to the highest standards, with:

  • A state-of-the-art gas bottle filler, 42m² in size
  • Four state-of-the-art fuel dispensers, produced by “Dresser Weyn”, out of which 2 multiplex, 1 multiplex and 1 simplex dispenser
  • Multifunctional automated washing unit, with the system for cleaning of car interior
  • Four underground fuel tanks, 50m³ in size
  • TNG tank, 60m³ in size
  • Eaves, 380 m² in size

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A luxuriously furnished café, where you can take a rest from the road in pleasant atmosphere and refresh with a wide selection of alcohol and soft and hot drinks. The café also includes a kitchen, with focus on national specialties.

The Shop offers to its visitors everything needed for safe and pleasant trip: carefully selected assortment of products for broad use, as well as car equipment and car cosmetics of renowned producers. The café bar and the shop cover the area of 228 m²

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We pay special attention to human resources. Through quality selection we have established a team of employees characterised by politeness, responsibility, professionalism and dedication to work. We strive to maintain the quality through continuous investment into education of all employees in accordance with the global standards.

All this, along with affordable prices and more than pleasant ambience, will make your visit, on any occasion, a mutual satisfaction!

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