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Glass shower cabins


Custom made glass shower cabins are one of the most demanded products from our assortment. Custom made shower cabins are an ideal solution for each space. It is possible to fit them into corners of rooms, adjusted to the dimensions and layout of the room, providing a feeling of wider space and comfort in the bathroom.

Today modern shower cabins are completely fitted rooms for the care of body and mind. “Fab Live” offers a wide range of solutions for shower cabins, adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients.

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Glass shower cabins are produced in combination with inox materials, special types of holders, hardware and profiles.

One of the specifics of our portfolio is that we can produce a glass product even in the most demanding and complex situations with the assistance of our expert team in accordance with the needs of our clients. With your ideas and suggestions, and our expert consultations, in line with your needs and wishes, we guarantee delivery of top final product, which will make your shower cabin an exquisite place for your personal care.

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