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Roto NT system


Roto fitting is one of the most popular fittings for PVC windows in Europe, and one of the most successful tilt-turn systems in the world. Rotating-tilting technology allows for rotation and tilting of the window sash with a single stroke of the handle.

In the Roto NT system, all internal components are integrated and connected via the central locking system. The basic system offers a high level of security. Easy installation and setupallows for easy connection of mechanical and electronic components, such as burglar alarms, and thermostat and ventilation control systems.

The NT power mechanism can be used in a wide range of window sizes and shapes. Three corner drives, together with the rear locks are standard and effective against burglary. Revamping and installation of additional components is possible on the spot in order to raise the level of safety.


Roto NT’s intelligent system design allows easy installation. Roto NT’s tilt-turn mechanism is by the German standard DIN V ENV 1627-1630, and was rated the highest grade. Roto NT has been successfully tested and certified by the Institutefor Windows in Rosenheim, in accordance with the standard DIN 18104-2 for anti-burglary fitting systems.

The entire locking system runs in two directions at the appointed channel.A Lifter wing that attaches to the windowhas the function to prevent tiltopening when the window is open in the swivel position, as well as performing basic functions. This preventsthe window from crashing and causing possible injuries. Next to the elegant appearance, Roto’s surface protection shackles also have anti-corrosion protection.

Roto NT basic version offers simple convenience. Statue Position windows allowfor easy ventilation. A Specially designed scissor mechanismprovides two different depths of the statue. In addition, the scissor mechanismensuressafe opening during sudden withdrawal, to avoid relegation wings.

ARX spin system


ARX spin is a new generation of fittings, the result of improvements of the world famous Roto Compact S fitting. A large number of CS power elements are compatible with ARX spin adornments, which also old stock Roto CS shackles to be used.

The ARX spin construction fitting is made according to the latest advancements in the shackles of windows and doors. Behind ARX’s outstanding European manufacturer of fittings is over fifty years experience in the field of development, production, and sales of the most complex fittings for doors and windows. ARX construction fitting is completely reliable and calibrated for severe climate conditions, and is characterized by the following features:


  • Production of high quality materials
  • Quality production and assembly of each set
  • Easy maintenance
  • Biodegradable and harmless to the environment
  • Long-term use and easy installation
  • Automated installation fittings in the window frame
  • ARX protective covering, performed by “hot dip” galvanizing process, provides high corrosion resistance class and modern silvery appearance
  • ARX design shackles increase the value of your windows and doors
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