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Inox fences | Eaves | Inox poles | Shower cabins | Water Jet

inox1 Stainless steel – inox is an alloy of steel, chrome and graphite. In the last 50 years, production of inox is continuously increasing.

Owing to its characteristics, inox is used in various spheres of construction and architecture. In 1996, “Fab Live” was the first in this region to introduce this type of products into its product portfolio. Having in mind our long experience in processing of this “material of the future”, we are proud to offer top quality products that fit perfectly into modern architecture requirements. Long tradition of furnishing residential, hospitality and industrial buildings, hotels, town squares, and other public areas, has provided us with a wide range of processing methods and application of inox.

One of the advantages of applying inox is guaranteed durability of forms and lasting colour. Inox is usually produced in silver colour, and we offer two options when choosing inox:


  • Matte inox
  • High shine inox (mirror effect)

Here are some of the inox products included in our portfolio:

  • Inox fences (inox, inox-glass, inox glass-wood, inox-cable)
  • Inox eaves (inox-glass)
  • Inox joinery (windows, doors – sensor, classic)
  • Inox poles
  • Inox accessories (holders, spiders, hinges, handles)

Having in mind that we were the first to offer inox products in this area, our references are numerous.


Inox fences

As an imperative in our business we adopted impeccability in work and long-term quality and we are proud of those. One of the fields we are recognized for in the market of Montenegro, and broader, is production of quality fences, with top design.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of inox fences and handles with modern design, providing safety to stairways. We particularly highlight fences in glass-inox combination, perfect for balconies and terraces, inox automobile and pedestrian gates, as well as garden fences, with an anti-burglar function in addition to their attractive appearance, which provides additional security to the garden area. Apart from the mentioned products, we offer inox handles for stairs, with the option of combining them with wood, which creates warmer appearance of the residential area.

inox4 inox5


Inox eaves are usually used for entrances and balconies. This innovative product provides reliable and durable protection against rainfall and is a top quality solution. With our portfolio of inox eaves we can meet requests of even the most demanding clients.

The most popular among our inox eaves are the ones covered with glass, polycarbonate or acrylic (Plexiglas) panels. They are characterised by unique design, high elegance, functionality and durability.

inox6 inox7

Apart from the weather resistance, they provide 100% UV protection, excellent durability in temperatures from -40°C to +120°C. One of their important characteristics is low weight and high shock-resistance, in case of bad weather, such as hail.

In production of eaves, all products are created in cooperation with the client, in accordance with the client’s design solution. Also, with our top team of experienced professionals, we create concept designs for the needs of our clients and give our suggestions. References in the field of production of eaves in inox-glass combination are numerous, and here are some of them:

Inox poles

Inox poles are top quality products, very durable and resistant to all climate impacts. It is the durability of their quality that is their particular characteristic. Inox poles are characterised by exceptional elasticity, mild flexibility, which is why they are very resistant to wind impact and other weather effects. They do not require painting, and therefore are practically free of any maintenance. Rotating cap with the rotating mechanism and G-holder ensure the flag is tight and constantly open, and its continuous movement in the wind direction which provides clear visibility.

inox8 inox9

Shower cabins


Modern shower cabins have become a very important element in designing residential units. They are a unique place in the living area, intended for relaxation and care. According to the requirements of modern architecture, our portfolio includes glass shower cabins with modern design. Advantage in purchasing glass shower cabins is that they are produced according to the client’s requests, and therefore they are unique. Glass shower cabins, as well as other types of bathroom partitions and enclosures, are produced in combination with inox materials, special types of holders, hardware and profiles. Our rich experience in production of shower cabins in glass-inox combination allows us to realize even the most specific requests of our clients. In realization of solutions, we are open to all types of suggestions and ideas.

Water Jet

As a modern company developing in line with the current global trends, “Fab Live” has included “Water Jet” processing centre, unique in Montenegro, into its production plant. This machine is specific for its top possibilities and capacities for processing (drilling and cutting) of a wide range of panel materials. It allows cutting of inox panels and sheets in various thicknesses, in various shapes, as well as cutting of stone, marble, steel, copper, aluminium, glass, polyvinyl mass, wood, Styrofoam, multi-layer materials of various hardness of layers. Water Jet is also ideal for production of the most complex fonts, from various types of materials, suitable for all types of advertisements.

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