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Pop Fruit


“Pop Fruit” is located seven kilometres away on the main road from Podgorica to Petrovac, in the close proximity of “Fab Live” company, and it is a company dealing with import of fruit and vegetables, as well as their ripening and sale.

Total capacity covers an area of 5,500 m², i.e. 33,000 m³ of accommodating capacity. The warehouse capacity is 200,000 packages.

Apart from the traditional system for storing and ripening, there is a modern system for banana ripening, with daily capacity of 12,000 packages. The new, computerized system for banana ripening ensures top quality of products. “Pop Fruit” company has its own transport vehicles and 16 reefer trucks for transport, guaranteeing timely delivery and quality to our buyers.

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The products are unloaded in the Port of Bar, where the first control of quality, quantity and palletizing is conducted, in their own organization of labour force and mechanization.

Within company there is organized freight service, in order to provide fastest and most efficient dispatch of goods.
Pop Fruit company owns bonded warehouse type ’’D’’ at Customs administration of Montenegro, Customs branch office Podgorica, which represents special convenience for our clients.

Pop Fruit ltd, besides Montenegrin market, also covers markets of Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia and Albania.

Adresa: Mahala b.b. 81304, Podgorica, Montenegro
Tel/Fax: +382 20 872 074
Mob: +382 69 555 155
E-mail: popfruit@gmail.com
Website: www.fablive.me/eng/popfruit

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