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Powder coating of aluminium

Phases in the powder coating process | Advantages of our offer

plastifikacija1plastifikacija-ral “Fab Live” company has a plant for aluminium colouring i.e. powder coating, which is done by using the newest technology for aluminium coating. Our clients have at their disposal an entire palette of shades in accordance with the so called RAL colour chart. This is the only plant of that kind in this area.

The powder coating process, i.e. the method of electrostatic pulverisation used in our plants, is the most frequent type of protection of architectural aluminium profiles.

Phases in the powder coating process


The process includes several phases, as follows:

  1. Degreasing phase

Degreasing of the aluminium profile surface is done by dipping into a sodium hydroxide solution.

  1. Primer application phase

The next phase of this process is application of primer, which is usually chromium oxide. This phase starts by applying a layer with thickness from 0.5 to 1.5 microns. Application of this layer has two aims, namely:

  • Increasing adhesion i.e. connection between aluminium and colour (organic layer)
  • Reducing filiform corrosion that may occur due to poorly pre-treated aluminium surface
  1. Phase of applying powder colour with positive electrical charge

After applying the primer, special diffusers are used to apply powder colour with positive electrical charge. Since the profiles being coated are with opposite electrical charge compared to the colour, the dust is distributed evenly and firmly along the entire surface of aluminium.

plastifikacija2 plastifikacija3

  1. Heating phase

Pieces of aluminium that have been powder coated in the previous phase are inserted into furnace, where they are heated at temperature from 180 to 200°C. Heating causes forming of a plastificized layer with thickness from 50 to 80 microns, created by melting and polymerization of powder molecules.

Owing to the process of preparation for powder coating of raw material, finished product is ready for exploitation within 45 minutes. “Fab Live” company is positioned, both in the territory of Montenegro and in the region, as a leader in providing powder coating services to many producers, and aluminium profile customers. We are recognized for the speed and quality of the mentioned services, which makes us the drivers of development in the field of aluminium processing in our area.

Advantages of our offer

Some of the most important benefits for our clients are:


  • Portfolio with 8 palette colours, without additional charge
  • High shine of aluminium surfaces measured with “gloss” units, ranging from matte surface (about 20 glosses), to high shine (from 80 to 100 glosses)
  • Simple retouching of damaged surfaces with special sprays or coating powder diluted in acetone
  • Guaranteed structure of profiles and colour resistance to all weather conditions
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