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Production and Logistics

Production and technological equipment | Business cooperation

logistika1Production and technological equipment

The best indicator of impeccable quality of finished product, and the full satisfaction of our consumers, is the production and technical logistics of the company.

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Facilities in our production plants and machinery, materials, as well as the conditions under which the employees in the production realize the total product range of the company, represent a unique case in the Montenegrin market and the market of the neighbouring countries in this industry. The state-of-the-art production plants in each of the production units separately, following the world’s most modern production trends, contribute to achieving harmonization of manual and automated production. In all production lines where it is feasible, human intervention is reduced almost to minimum. In most machines and production plants, production is done by computer, according to the principle of software data entering, with errors in the production process reduced almost to minimum, and maximum optimization of the materials.

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The production portfolio of the factory is a non-standard one and it includes the following:

  • production and installation of windows of all shapes and sizes, with or without thermal break
  • entrance and balcony doors
  • sliding doors and windows
  • window and balcony shutters
  • partition walls with filling of glass, panels or combined with other materials
  • semi-structural and structural aluminium facades, as well as other structures with standard and non-standard form

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Owing to continuous investments into development, “Fab Live” company has expanded its production portfolio, and today it includes the following plants:

  • plant for electrostatic colouring of aluminium profiles
  • plant for production of standard panels for entrance doors
  • plant for glass processing, with the line for production of Thermopane glass and a modern multifunctional CNC machine for glass processing (engraving, grinding, faceting, writing, drilling and cutting)

Some of the machines in possession of our company are unique for that type in this area, which implies that the products obtained through their exploitation can in Montenegro only be found in the offer of “Fab Live” company.

Business cooperation

Cooperation with the most prominent global corporations in this field is one of the most representative indicators of the quality and success of business, as well as domination in respect of keeping the leadership position in business for a number of years in the national market. This mostly refers to suppliers of materials and equipment used by our company for the production of finished products. Here are some of them…

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