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Schüco Corona CT 70 – Fifth Chamber Profile

With excellent thermal insulation and various accessories, Schüco CORONA CT 70-chamber profile provides effective sound reduction. After setting these profiles in houses built during the 1980s at a size of approximately 140 m2, we noticed a significant reduction in energy consumption by about 20% compared to the old windows. The CORONA CT 70 system is available as a sealing system with two drainage levels, and as a central sealing system with a possible third drainage level.

CORONA CT 70 offers an extremely attractive and diverse system of windows and doors thanks to a different wing structure. Its elegance is especially notable in concave shape of the casement semi-projecting area, which is particularly visible in the window wings of smaller areas. Narrow optics, a modern silver-gray color, even the external seal,all contribute to the harmony of proportion and highlights Schüco’s quality and individuality.

CORONA CT 70 profiles are available in a variety colors including the standard combination of white profile, modern silver-gray gaskets, and black profile seals, all made with quality materials with special techniques. There are also three contours of these profiles: Classic, Rondo and Cava.

The specialty CORONA CT 70 profile system has a profile width of only 70mm. In combination with the construction of the five chambers, this guarantees optimum thermal insulation and automatic reduction of heating costs.

Technical advantages:

  • Width of 120mm
  • Can achieve U (K) values of 1.2 to 1.5 W / m2Kdepending on the combination of profiles and glazing
  • The best values to defend against storms, rain, and wind permeability are: DIN EN 12207 Class 4
  • It is possible to achieve sound insulation and to SSK 5 (Rw = 45-49 dB)depending on the choice of profiles and glazing


Schüco Corona SI 82 – Sixth ChamberProfile

The CORONA SI 82 window system represents the premium segment in meeting the high demands of low-energy construction. By replacing old windows, energy spent on heating is reduced up to 19%, and CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 1,050 m3.

With advanced technology, the CORONA SI 82 system offers protection against moisture and noise by three independent tires. Excellent insulating properties make this system a good choice to keep in heat your home, even in the coldest winters. The temperature profile inside the panels does not noticeably drop below room temperature, effectively avoiding condensation or air-dryingduringhot summers.

With a high level of resistance, these systems offer protection from burglary through steel reinforcement in the profiles on all sides and with above average depth of fitting attached to the steel reinforcement.

Using innovative technology, the CORONA SI 82 system is a modern design, layout and slim line profile, combined with the extraordinary properties of the thermal insulation. Thin frame windows allow the passage of the maximum amount of light. Newly built homes with windows of these profiles allow for larger-sized windows, providing adequate light and proper ventilation.

Using a wide range of laminate foil in any color from the RAL palette, or the effect of imitation wood, achieves a unique look for your facade.

Six chambers within the profile with a width of 82mm provide high thermal efficiency, which previously was not possible without the application of additional measures.

Technical advantages:

  • Width of 120mm
  • Can achieve U (K) values up to 1.0 W / m2Kdepending on the combination of profiles and glazing
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