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River gravel screening

The Fab LiveCompany LLC,within the scope of its activities, deals also with the exploitation, screening and crushing of gravel.

The screening process is fully covered. Natural gravel is transported from the banks of the River Moraca, which flows nearby, transported to the screening boxes, which is followed bythematerialwashing and screening process. At the end, the material is grinded and sieved – screened. In this way we get natural gravel of all fractions from 0-32 mm, which may be used both for the production of asphalt, and for obtaining high-quality concrete and concrete products.

Suchwork organization enables us to provide the market with a reliable delivery of the stone fractions, at any time.

The first process is the washing and screening of natural fractions of river gravel. The procedure involves theflow of the material through the screening machine, where it is completely cleaned and impurities removed, after which the material isseparated depending on the particle size distribution,through different drum screensas prescribed by standards in construction, andis defined bygrain size.

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The process products are:

  • aggregatefractions 0-4 mm
  • aggregatefractions 4-8 mm
  • aggregatefractions 8-16 mm
  • aggregatefractions 8-16 mm

The second process is the process of washing, and then crushing and grinding of the material in the crusher and its siftingbased on the grain size. This process allows for the best quality in the production of materials i.e. fractions,which further serve in the process of producing every,even the most demanding typesof concrete and asphalt layers – dense tar loadbearing surfacingand finishing asphalt concrete layers.

The crushing process provides for the following fractions:

  • crushed aggregate 0-4
  • crushed aggregate 4-8
  • crushed aggregate 8-16
  • crushed aggregate 16-32
  • a mixture of crushed aggregates 0-8
  • a mixture of crushed aggregates 0-16
  • a mixture of crushed aggregates 0-32

Crushed fractions of this type enablethe production of high-quality recipes for the production of asphalt and concrete, as it is possible to dispense the necessary materials by particle size distribution in the right way, which allows for the different types of load bearing capacities -for easier and heavier traffic loads,and for obtaining different quality of the concrete mix.

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