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Aluminium shutters

grilje1 Aluminium shutters, from the product assortment of “Fab Live” company, supplement the overall appearance of the facade with their traditional design. They are characterised by high technical performances, durability, stability, and efficiency in respect of maintenance. They are very practical since they are functionally independent of the window i.e. they are completely separate units.

They are produced in various forms and colours. Installation of shutters with mobile or stationary slats provides additional protection, but they also have aesthetic value since they decorate windows and doors. Mobile slats may be rotated manually into the required position, so that they provide the optimum sun protection, with sufficient light or fully obscuring of the room, depending on the need.

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Wherever they are installed they attract attention with their traditional appearance and elegance, and they also have a very important protective function.
“Fab Live” provides a wide range of aluminium shutters custom made to client’s wishes, with top value in aesthetic, functional and safety aspect.


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