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Tempered glass

kaljenostaklo Another specific feature of “Fab Live” glass plant is its tempering plant, the only plant of such type in Montenegro and in the region.
Namely, the tempering unit has the possibility of producing safety tempered glass in various dimensions and types of glass, and with different thickness.

Safety tempered glass is produced in the process where glass is heated at high temperature (600°C – 650°C ) and rapid cooling at temperatures from 200°C to 320°C, whereby the surface layer of glass shrinks, and its firmness and resistance increase – it becomes 4-5 times stronger compared to float glass. This process provides glass that is resistant to shock, fire, scratching and similar impact. In case tempered glass breaks, the glass pieces do not harm the persons exposed to it, they rather break into a large number of small pieces that are completely harmless.

Tempered glass can be produced as curved, both in regular and irregular radius.

Their application is broad, and they are used for glass doors and fences, eaves, shower cabins, glass facades, kitchen decorative coating, etc. Tempered glass can be coloured glass, enamelled in RAL colours or processed with pad printing, sand blasting, direct printing, etc.

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“Fab Live” tempering unit produces safety curved glass, in various dimensions and with different curve radius. “Fab Live” is the only company in the territory of Montenegro producing curved glass through such processing procedure.

Requirements of modern architecture and construction impose greater use of safety tempered glass, both in large buildings, in glass facades and large glass surfaces, and in daily requests to replace ordinary glass with tempered glass in households (glass shower cabins, windshield glass, glass doors etc).

Our glass plant, as well as this tempering plant, has exceptional capacity guaranteeing the fastest possible production and delivery time for a large number of various types of glass.

All types of glass in the production plant of “Fab Live” are produced in accordance with EN 12150 standard. This standard includes tolerance, flatness, edge treatment, divisibility and physical and mechanical characteristics of monolite flat tempered sodium-calcium silicate safety glass used in construction. It covers assessment of compliance and factory control of production of tempered sodium-calcium silicate safety glass used in construction.

Within the initial testing and internal control of production, two most important characteristics of tempered glass are controlled according to EN 12150 standard:

  • Breakage structure: in case of breaking, all energy accumulated during tempering is released instantly. This creates a fine net of small parts with blunt edges, thus making the danger of injury extremely low.
  • Mechanical strength (bending strength): measured value >120 N/m m2 (tempered glass from float glass), and for non-tempered glass the value is 45 N/mm22.
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