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“Titan” Cement

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titan-logo Among a range of its activities, “Fab Live” d.o.o. deals with import of cement for the needs of the market in Montenegro.
“Fab Live” d.o.o. imports cement from the well-known Greek producer “Titan” (www.titan-cement.com ), which has a significant share in the offer of this type of product in the global market

About the company:


“Titan Group” is a company with more than a century log tradition and is an independent multi-regional producer of cement and other similar construction materials, with the head seat in the suburbs of Ano Patissia in Athens. Successful business of this company is based on application of appropriate newest technologies, procedures and methods of research in production and distribution of products, as well as adequate marketing. Systematic research is supplemented by quality of human resources, and with increased corporate governance system, as well as efficient and flexible organization structure for management and implementation of the state-of-the-art methods in education and training of employees, at all levels. Commitment to socially responsible business and development is implemented by “Titan” in its initiatives and activities, and through active participation in international organizations.

Quality of business of “Titan Group” is confirmed by many awards and acknowledgements in the field of human resources, leadership, relations with investors, social responsibility, environment protection, as well as health and safety at work.


Cement is produced by milling clinker, gypsum and/or other cement materials. A mixture of the obtained fine powder with minerals is called “inactive” (such as sand and gravel) and when mixed with water it acts as a binding agent to form concrete.

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“Titan Group” produces: Portland cement, “Masonry” cement and other materials, such as fly ash and various types of composite cements for special purposes.


titan-distribucija Import is carried out via maritime transport, by “Fab Live” company’s ship to the “Port of Bar”, where unloading and further distribution of cement in the territory of Montenegro is carried out.


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Boško Jovanović
Tel.: +382 69 023 070
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