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Why aluminium?


Aluminium is considered as a very suitable material for production of doors and windows. There are several reasons for that, primarily due to its exceptional aesthetic value, safety and functionality.

There are numerous characteristics due to which aluminium stands out among other types of materials for production of doors and windows:

Insulation – Owing to thermal break in doors and windows, in combination with appropriate glass and rubber, they allow exceptional thermal and sound insulation.

Resistance – Aluminium as a material which is highly durable, which guarantees long life of doors and windows. It is frequently used in areas with high temperatures and intense sunshine.


Flexibility – Aluminium is characterised by flexibility and is therefore used both in traditional and in modern structures. Final products made of aluminium (doors and windows) have high aesthetic value, in part owing to the possibility of colouring. “Fab Live” offers a wide range of all types and shades of colour. There are several methods of colour application available:

  • electrostatic colouring
  • anodizing to obtain metallic look
  • wood grain colours

Functionality – Production of doors and windows in the plants of “Fab Live” company is combined with appropriate mechanisms, which guarantees impeccable functioning of the installed doors and windows. Maintenance requirements for doors and windows are rather low since they only require periodical cleaning with water (every month or two months).


Ecological characteristics – Aluminium is a material originating from the nature and can be found in abundance. Recycling possibility is one hundred percent, and therefore there are no negative effects on health and environment.

Apart from top quality and design, the doors and windows offered in “Fab Live” portfolio also ensure:

  • Thermal insulation – ideal temperature of space both in summer and winter
  • Sound insulation – full peace in the living and working area
  • Water resistance – top protection against rain and wind
  • Exceptional safety – owing to safety mechanisms

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