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Why PVC?


PVC is the most used material for mounting joinery, primarily because of it’s energy efficiency, easy of care, high quality, and longevity.

Products made of PVC are sturdy, resistant to water. Products made of PVC are sturdy, resistant to water, easy to use, cut, weld, and form, as desired.

PVC has the highest energy saving potential of all of the materials, used to make joinery. PVC profiles are 100% recyclable, and, with their longevity and savings throughout their life cycle, represents the most viable solution when it comes to carpentry.

The characteristics, which separate PVC from other plastic materials for use in constructing doors, are:


Insulation – Window frames play a key role in energy efficiency and thermal insulation. Window profiles made of PVC achieve better results in comparison to aluminum or wooden windows. They have better insulation properties and can reduce energy and heating costs. It has especially great potential for saving energy when PVC window profiles are used in combination with triple glazing.

Economical – PVC offers a significant cost advantage. It is 20% to 30% cheaper than wood, and up to 60% cheaper than aluminum. Additionally, PVC joinery can last up to 50 years, which offers significant savings over a long period of time.


Maintenance – High-quality PVC is easy to maintain and requires minimal care, unlike wooden windows, which must change glass every two years and be reframed every five years. The latest PVC granulate is extremely resistant to weathering and sunlight. The smooth surfaces make it easy to maintain. To clean the windows, all you need is a dishwashing liquid.

Ecology – PVC is 100% recyclable, leading to a savings of 40% of all gas and oil reserves in the world, which can be used to heat and provide additional energy in buildings. In addition to being recyclable, durability and low pollution levels during the PVC production process help to achieve excellent eco-balance and contribute to environmental protection.

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