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vrataiprozori8 Windows decorate your house or apartment, whether it is a new building or reconstruction of an existing one. “Fab Live” company offers a broad range of windows with various functions and purposes, custom made according to your needs, and in line with the top global standards.


Windows with thermal break – consist of external and internal chamber, with polyamide tape in between which is 16-24 mm thick, which makes the thermal break. This allows continuous thermal insulation, since it prevents contact of air from the exterior and the air from the interior, thus avoiding condensation (“sweat” effect) in interior surfaces when there are significant differences in the temperature of the external and internal air.

Windows without thermal break – consist of one chamber and allow transfer of heat or cold from the external air into the interior and vice versa through the profile, and they are widely used in areas that have balanced temperature on both sides, such as display windows in shopping malls, partition walls in rooms and similar.

Sliding systems – sliding windows – have multiple uses in residential and commercial buildings, and they are most often used to glaze terraces of hospitality buildings and in residential buildings, for internal partition walls and they are very suitable when you want to save space. These profiles may be with or without thermal break, depending on the sound or thermal insulation you wish to achieve.


Aluminium-wood windows – these are high quality profiles, in combination with modern materials – wood on the inside, which gives the space the feeling of warmth, the sense of luxurious comfort and charisma, and made of powerful aluminium profile on the exterior, resistant to all weather conditions, providing safety and firmness and very simple and practical for maintenance – it is sufficient just to clean it with wet cloth. It is used for all types of residential and commercial buildings because it provides the best characteristics of both materials. This portfolio can be produced in all wood grains, and aluminium is coloured in RAL colour palette shades.

Windows with broad selection of types of glass – windows are produced according to the required dimensions and design, with the option to choose the type of glass from our broad assortment, along with our assistance in selection of the ideal solution for your residential or commercial space.

Windows with or without blinds, shutters, ALU brise soleils – Blinds, shutters and ALU brise soleils have proved to be very efficient sun protection systems, since they allow regulation of light transmission into the space and protect your rooms against the external view. You can express your wishes and our team of experts will do their best to assist you in choosing the profile that will best suit your needs.

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